HUATAI Wins "Securities House of the Year" and "Derivatives House of the Year, South Korea" at Asia Risk Awards 2023

The Asia Risk Awards 2023, hosted by, announced results on September 28, 2023 in Singapore. Led by the Equity Derivatives Department, Huatai International and its parent company Huatai Securities won two major awards: "Securities House of the Year" and "Derivatives House of the Year, South Korea".


The awards reflect widespread recognition from the industry and both domestic and overseas capital markets towards Huatai's expertise in structured product services, retail product design, and over-the-counter derivatives trading. Amid a challenging year, Huatai continued to enrich its product categories, expand into new markets, and consolidate its leading position in the industry. Committed to derivatives product development, the firm introduced several structural innovations to the widely traded autocallable products in the market. It also developed an index combination framework and launched one of the first combination indices onshore China.


In overseas markets, Huatai International seized the opportunity in the South Korean Equity-Linked Securities market, becoming one of the first Chinese securities houses who successfully entered the market. Empowered by rigorous risk management standards, strong data analysis capabilities, and customer-centric services, Huatai International won the "Derivatives House of the Year, South Korea". It's noteworthy that Huatai International is the first Chinese securities house winning this award.


The Asia Risk Awards is the longest-running and most prestigious awards for firms involved in the Asia's derivatives markets and in risk management. The Awards acknowledge firms with outstanding achievements in financial derivatives, risk management, investments, digitalization, and other areas. Candidates, comprising top global financial institutions, are evaluated from multiple perspectives such as business performance, risk control measures, innovation capabilities, customer satisfaction, industry reputation, and more.


Huatai, adhering to the essence of the securities industry, will continue to develop cross-border businesses through building integrated financial services platforms and promoting the expansion of derivatives business. Through customer-centric, ingerated, and platform-based cross-border services, Huatai is committed to strengthening the positions of Chinese securities houses in the onshore and offshore capital markets.

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