Investment Banking

Huatai Financial provides corporate finance and underwriting solutions to corporate clients,
including IPO sponsorship, placing, underwriting (equity and debt) and M&A advisory services.

Cross Border and Structured Finance

Huatai Financial provides clients with the most innovative and tailor made solutions,
such as leverage acquisition, strategic mergers and acquisitions,
pre-listing financing, business expansion, capital structural reconstructing, corporate reconstruction,
asset purchase, project construction, and other commercial and investment activities.

Retail Brokerage and Private Wealth Management

Leveraging the group's client base and fintech capabilities, Huatai Financial offers customers a full range of brokerage services
and a wide range of wealth management services covering different asset classes, including: asset allocation,
wealth management, financial advisory, family wealth inheritance and planning.
Besides, supporting through Huatai Group’s world leading financial technological platforms,
PWM team is able to provide our clients with convenient and good priced electronic trading systems,
real-time quotes, global stock trading, margin financing and new share subscription services.


Capitalising on the latest trends of RMB internationalisation, Huatai Financial offers a variety of trading solutions
for FICC products including sales,trading, and market making services to financial institutions, corporates, asset managers and hedge funds.
Our FICC platform allows integrated trading of all FICC products (eg rates, FX, credit, fixed income and structured products)
and the ability to tap onshore mainland China as well as offshore FICC products.

Asset Management

Our asset management team provides investors with value added services to clients with portfolio
and fund management services including the structuring and creation of funds, fund and asset advisory,
and providing access to a global and diverse investment underlyings and
exposures under our QFII, RQFII, Bond Connect and other investment schemes.

Equity Derivatives

We are able to transform client requirements into equity-linked structures which solve client’s needs,
and extend to exotic and complex payouts linked to equity underlyings, options, futures.

Equity Research and Sales

Being a strong network in and out of China, allows us to provide clients with its leading “A+H share”,
all-dimensional and one-stop equity sales and trading service platform.
To complement clients’ decision making, Huatai Group’s research teams are made up of well credentialed senior analysts
who have multiple years in undertaking extensive and in-depth analysis of macroeconomics,
across diversified industries, investment strategies, listed companies and risk evaluation.


AssetMark, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huatai International, is the leading TAMP (Turn-key Asset Management Platform)
and highly advanced technological platform on the North American market.
Registered as a broker dealer with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA),
AssetMark houses 7,000 independent credentialed investment consulting resources and nearly 200,000 service terminal investors.
In addition, AssetMark’s investment management scale has reached around USD 42.4 billion, whilst providing independent investment advisory,
access to unique and quality investment products and strategies, asset portfolio management, customer relationship management, asset custody, and corporate operation support.